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Passed my test first time with only 3 minors. Very informative lessons and all round great experience. I would recommend Andy to anyone.

Josh Nelson

Andy is a patient and calm instructor. I passed my test first time with only 2 minors and i really enjoyed the lessons, he teaches you lots of useful tips and tricks to pass the test. Would definitely recommend.

Will Dines

Andy is an amazing driving instructor. I was a very nervous driver to begin with but he was so patient and understanding. He makes everything very easy to understand and is very good at clarifying everything you need to know before your test. I’m so happy to have passed first time and I definitely recommend Andy for those looking for a driving instructor.

Caitlyn Beresford

Passed my test with Andy today first time. He is a nice guy but more importantly a good teacher and will teach you tips and tricks to pass your test. These were particularly helpful with manoeuvres.

Jack Shaw

I passed my driving test 1st time with Andy. He is a fantastic instructor that is fully supportive and aids you with his tips and tricks that makes driving with him very enjoyable. He is highly knowledgeable and keeps calm in stressful situations. I’d recommend Andy as a driving instructor to anyone!!

Rhania Dhaliwal

I passed my test with Andy. He’s a very supportive and patient instructor and i’m recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive. 10/10.

Harley Higgins

I really enjoyed learning with Andy ;Passed first time, great instructor and easy to get along with.

Luke Hutchinson

Andy is an excellent instructor and I would recommend him to anyone as when I initially started driving I had basically no confidence with driving however Andy took me at a pace where I felt both comfortable and that I was progressing at a good rate. He's extremely organised and well-mannered as well as being excellent with helping me improve on my difficulties with driving for example by giving me references for my positioning on the road and with regards to parking which really help with my progress.

I would urge anyone to use Andy's services as he was brilliant.

Dan Turner

Andy is a very knowledgable and friendly driving instructor that made the lessons very comfortable and educational, allowing me to pass first time. I would recommend Andy to anyone looking for the best driving instructor and great value for money.

Elliott Rawlings

I passed my test with Andy today, not only was he a patient instructor, but the way he comes across every single lesson was extremely methodical and clear. Great explanations on all aspects of driving. Would highly recommend to those who deal with nerves poorly as Andy is one to keep calm in the most stressful situations. Also a good laugh.

Loui Loughran, 17

I just passed my driving test due to Andy’s great lessons and advice! He transformed my parking and confidence on roundabouts, I would highly recommend him to everyone!!!

Joe Salisbury

I passed my test first time with Andy today. He is very through and precise. He helped me feel calm before my test and would highly recommend him.

Ben Smith

Andy is a great instructor, passed first time! Explains elements so clearly and always stays calm.

Thank you very much. You won’t be disappointed!

Kishan Sood

Andy is a down to earth instructor. His patience and support towards my driving was second to none. He really cared about my success and knows exactly how to make you feel at ease as soon as you start all the way until your test and importantly on test day as well. I’m very happy to say I passed first time with him, in under 8 hours.

It was a pleasure beginning my driving journey with Andy. Thank you so much Andy for everything!

Aaron Gill

I passed my test first time today with Andy, he is a very calm and patient instructor. He makes you feel relaxed as you drive whilst also helping to correct and improve your driving. I would definitely recommend him to someone looking for an instructor.

Ellie Prime

I passed my test first time with only three faults. Andy is very patient and informative. Just an all round great instructor. I would definitely recommend Thank you.

Bobbie Wiltshire

I have just passed my driving test first time with Andy! He calmed me down so much before my test and has been amazing and comforting throughout all of my lessons. He is a great driving instructor and would recommend to anyone!

Cariss Raybone

Today I passed first time with Andy Phillips. I started off a bag of nerves but with his calm way of teaching he got the best out of me! I’ve already recommended him to others and booked my son in. It goes without saying that I highly recommend Andy. Thank you so much

Keighley Poyner

Andy has been a supportive, patient and easy to get on with driving instructor. Having moved from a previous instructor I cannot stress how much easier learning is with Andy due to his ability to explain clearly and to the point. Highly recommend to learners.

Joseph Elsaghir

Andy was a great instructor and taught me everything from the basics to the more advanced things. He also helped me become a more confident driver and led me to pass my test first time. I would highly recommend anyone to use Andy as an instructor.

Max Hughes

I passed first time after having lessons with Andy. The methods used are very clear and understandable and he is very patient and informative when you are right and wrong. He is very welcoming and i would highly recommend him.

Callum Heritage

This is definately one of the best driving experiences any student can take on. Andy is really easy to get along with and will make any student feel 100% comfortable during their lessons. Very informative and you will receive endless feedback to help you improve for next time. He will have you ready sooner than you think and you'll pass before you know it.

Luke Duncan

I passed today with Andy first time. He is a great instructor, he is a very honest instructor who is very informative. He will teach you everything you need to know on how to pass the test. I would recommend to anyone!

Tyler Perks

I passed my driving test 1st time at garretts green with only 4 lessons from Andy!, who has taught me a lot in our few lessons e.g. reference points. Cant thank you enough!

Demi Lee

I would highly recommend Andy. I had 10 lessons with him before passing my test and within that time I learnt so much. Every lesson I had with him was worth while as I learnt something new every time. Andy is a very genuine and down to earth driving instructor which helped me feel a lot more comfortable and calm any fears I had about driving. I couldn’t recommend Andy enough!

Sophie Hopley

PASSED FIRST TIME WITH ANDY! Andy was really helpful with helping me pass, he gave me really useful methods to remember manoeuvres and show me tell me questions, would definitely recommend.

Nathan Bland

I just wanna thank you for teaching me everything you taught me in such a sort space of time I would 100% recommend you to anyone who is looking for a driving instructor.

Thomas Bilton

Thankyou andy for helping me pass first time. He helped me learn in a way best suited to me and always ensured I understood everything he said, always really friendly and made sure I knew it was okay to ask for help.

Holly Kilmurray

I would 100% recommend Andy as a driving instructor, he’s incredibly patient and is more than happy to go into detail with questions and clarifying mistakes and really helped me in the build up to my test clear up my last few questions I was getting nervous over. I’m grateful that I had Andy as my instructor as he goes above and beyond with the knowledge you need to know. If you choose Andy as your instructor then you won’t regret it at all.

Krishan Duggar

Passed first time today with the help of Andy. He made learning how to drive extremely enjoyable and made me feel comfortable in any situation through being friendly and understanding with a very professional attitude. Highly recommend to anyone!

Ethan Walton

Passed my driving test first time with Andy. Really enjoyed my lessons with him. He's very calm and patient and great at explaining things. Made me feel very comfortable and didn't make me feel stupid if I messed up. Definitely recommend.

Katie Brown

I passed my test first time today with Andy. He explains things well and is very pleasant. I came away from every lesson satisfied feeling I'd learnt something new. I recommend Any to anyone looking to start learning to drive.

Ross Tidball

Really enjoyed my driving lessons with Andy. He is patient, calm and explains things really well. He makes you feel at ease and is very professional. I would recommend him.

Grace Gardner

Started lessons with Andy last year and would definitely recommend him. He has been great especially through covid. Thanks for all your guidance and support which helped me pass.

Charlie McCranor

I recently passed my test with Andy. Before Andy I had poor experiences with my last driving instructor and I was nervous with my driving and my capabilities. Andy made me feel confident with his calm, easy personality. He uses clear instructions and each lesson I felt I had gained a new skill or understanding. I couldn't recommend Andy enough to a learner driver and I just regret not choosing him from the start.

Claudia Tyler

Absolutely buzzing! Passed my driving test with four minors toady with Andy. Great instructor. Very calm and patient. 10 out of 10. Thanks for putting up with me.

Ryan Williams

I started off as a very nervous driver who didn't ant to get behind the wheel under any circumstances. However, with the calm and professional help I received from Andy I passed my driving test in just 8 days!

I feel his approach to teaching was relaxed but straight to the point. He went above and beyond to help me pass my driving test.

Lydia Gill

Thanks to Andy's lessons, I passed my test first time today! He is a patient teacher who targets the lessons based on your weak spots so you can improve. Can't recommend him enough.

Evie Moore

I've just passed my driving test with 1 minor at Kingslanding with Andy Phillips as my driving instructor and I'm over the moon. Andy is a great reliable instructor and I would highly recommend for anyone looking to learn to drive. The circumstances of Covid I thought would prove difficult but Andy helped me to pass my test in the toughest of times for young learners like myself, so I would highly recommend.

Cole Cunningham

I passed my test first time today with Andy my instructor. He is very patient and explains things well. I would highly recommend driving lessons with Andy.

Jack Gibbs

In my experience with Andy I quickly grasped the basis to driving. It became second nature within a short space of time and lessons. As a learner driver I struggled with manoeuvres greatly but Andy took the time to provide me with the learning aids and further knowledge regarding each manoeuvre, in addition to this, Andy was well spoken in the mechanics of the car itself, explaining how the brake, clutch, gears...all work which helped me massively on understanding ways to manipulate the car to help you. All in all, I would recommend.

Max Barthlolmew

I recently passed my test first time after having Andy as my driving instructor. He empathizes with the pupil well and it is clear that he cares about the individual and their success. I would highly recommend him to any new drivers.

Matt Floyd

I learnt to drive with Andy recently and it was great. From the beginning Andy gave me confidence in myself and was rally thorough with everything he taught. He goes over any of your mistakes in great depth and is very friendly. I would recommend Andy to anyone looking for a driving instructor.

Alex Lloyd

My name is Matt and I passed my driving test first time on the 1st September 2020. Andy without doubt is at the top of his game. He is very relaxed, very informative and very professional. With the amount of bad habits I had never thought I'd ever pass but Andy nailed them out of me. I strongly suggest this is the man to get any of you out there passed.

Matt Bicknell

Andy's a great driving instructor and really goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable, confident and ready for your test. Prepares you for actually driving and not just passing your test. Highly recommended.

Samantha Brown

Thanks to Andy the instructor, I passed first go. Really good service, good lessons, good communication, good tips. would highly recommend.

Aland Soran

I had Andy as my instructor and I can honestly say he's defo one of the best at what he does! Teaches you to pass your test and to be a really good driver in general! I had a good time with andy even had a few laughs!

Gage Hicks

As a learner who was extremely nervous, with failed attempts to learn how to drive over the last few years, Andy was patient and helped me gain full confidence on the road as well as getting me test ready. Could not recommend him enough!

Melissa Chahal

Had lessons with Andy has been fantastic, not going to lie, I'm a slow learner but he show's patience and professionalism throughout, and I passed, this guy won't put you in for your test unless he is positive that you will pass, do trust him, he knows what he's doing.

Jimi Hix

Fantastic driving instructor. Andy will prep and help you become a good driver - something that's actually far more important than just "passing the test". He watches your every driving move like a hawk, while making you feel relaxed and calm as you drive. Feedback is short, to the point, and most importantly, actionable. Get the most of his experience by asking him to be more critical of your driving. He'll be able to point out stuff you know you don't know, as well as things you don't know you don't know.

Vashisht Bhatt

I started lessons at the start of January and passed first time today with only 3 minors, I strongly recommend Andy, he always helped me when I was at fault and we would focus the next lesson on improving which was always really helpful. Strongly recommend.


I passed my test with Andy, who made my driving experience very comfortable and made me feel at ease. Would highly recommend to anyone due to his patience and communication skills

Jack Pemberton

I recently passed my test with Andy. He is a great instructor with a patient and encouraging approach to teaching. He ensured I felt confident before taking my test and as a result, I passed first time. I'm now looking to do pass plus with him!

Anna Martin

Passed my test first time with Andy with only 2 minors. Before a friend recommended Andy to me I had convinced myself I would never drive due to anxieties however Andy completely changed that for me and helped me gain confidence. The lessons were informative and I always felt safe; his lessons prepared me for driving beyond my test and to be an independent driver. I can't thank Andy enough for helping me and being patient with me, I couldn't recommend him enough!

Kirsty Pullen

Great driving school to learn with, I passed 1st time with Andy. The driving instructors are really good and friendly. The lessons are reasonably priced. I would highly recommend to anyone who's looking to learn to drive.

Emily Smith

Passed my test today due to the excellent standard of teaching from my instructor Andy. I was taught in a calm, informal but professional manner and learnt at my own speed and comfort. Lessons are at a very reasonable price for what you learn and the standard that it is done in. Would highly recommend!

Leighann Nibblett

Had a fantastic run of lessons with instructor Andy. Very calm and enjoyable lessons but he definitely has a huge amount of knowledge on all things driving. Have just passed my test and I highly recommend his driving school.

Rachel Trippier